Nature Cure CBD Plasters
Nature Cure CBD Plasters
Nature Cure CBD Plasters
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Nature Cure CBD Plasters

Nature Cure
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Our CBD patches work transdermally. That is, it brings the CBD through the skin into the bloodstream. Administering CBD in this way is the most effective way. The bioavailability, i.e. absorption by the body, is about 6 times higher than with sublingual administration (drops under the tongue). Another special advantage of the CBD patches is that it has a slow release. This is also known as time-released. Our high-quality CBD patches deliver the CBD over 24 hours. The advantage of this is that CBD does not have to be taken several times a day. Finally, the patch can also be worn under all circumstances such as showering, swimming or sports. This makes our Nature Cure CBD patches the most effective CBD product on the market. We sell the plasters in a handy sealing bag with 30 plasters. Each patch contains 15 mg broad spectrum CBD. Due to its bioavailability, this equates to approximately 100 mg of CBD taken orally.


The benefits of the Nature Cure CBD patches:

  • The most effective way to administer CBD
  • Slow release for a staggered dose over 24 hours
  • Replace only once every 24 hours
  • Very thin and elastic for optimal wearing comfort
  • Can be worn while exercising
  • The bioavailability is 6-10 times higher than with sublingual administration..
  • Patch size: 80mm x 60mm
  • Zipback with 30 patches


CBD contains hemp seed oil and paste and has no psychoactive effect. It's perfectly legal and safe to use, and it won't get you stoned or high. CBD has no side effects and is not addictive..

Due to the European EFSA claim legislation, we are not allowed to indicate on this page what CBD oil is used for.


If you are taking medication or planning to use prescription drugs, please consult your doctor before using CBD oil..
The use of CBD  during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.
Side effects are uncommon with the use of CBD oil, but they can occur. The most common side effects are:
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in appetite
  • Dry mouth