About us

At CalmActiva you can buy various CBD oil products from certified brands and suppliers such as Nuture Cure, Mattisson, Jacob Hooy, Medterra, Meliocan, Minami More, and Neo Cure. All CBD oil products we sell are 100% legal and contain no harmful materials.

Some of the products we sell are:CBD oil pure, CBD oil full spectrum, water-soluble CBD, capsules with CBD, CBD isolate, skin care with CBD.

We only sell products from reputable brands that have proven to make high quality products. We only do business with producers who regularly have their own CBD products tested by independent laboratories. We then request the test results from our suppliers. This way we know for sure that we sell good products.

Note: CalmActiva.com is not a medical website. We absolutely cannot give you any medical advice. The cannabis oil information on our website has not been reviewed or confirmed by official sources. Our information cannot replace a doctor or naturopath. We do not associate our products and information with the concrete diagnosis, treatment or prevention of a disease. For this, go to a qualified specialist or general practitioner.