Full Spectrum CBN + CBD Oil 10%


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Affordable CBN oil with the highest possible purity.

Unique on the market: CBN oil. They are the first in Europe to offer affordable full spectrum CBN oil of the highest possible quality. Their full spectrum CBN oil is highly purified and therefore has a very mild hemp seed taste. The purification has removed all the chlorophyll, leaving a light yellow colored oil. They have the Nature Cure CBN oil available in a 2.5%, 5%, 10% and a 20% CBN variant. Each strength also contains 2.5% (250mg) CBD and 4 other cannabinoids for maximum entourage effect. Customers tell us that our CBN oil helps them fall asleep easily.

This bottle contains 10 ml of CBN+ CBD oil, sufficient for at least 250 drops. The intake is very easy. The desired amount of CBN oil is dripped under the tongue, allowed to act for 60 seconds and then swallowed. The correct dosage of CBN oil cannot be specified precisely, because every person and every condition is different. Build up the intake slowly and especially listen to (the reaction of) your body. If our CBN oil is taken before going to sleep, we recommend doing this 1-2 hours in advance to get the best effect.

  •  10% Full Spectrum CBN+ CBD Oil
  •  Unprecedented price/quality ratio
  •  The purest CBN on the market
  •  Mild taste
  •  Mixed with the healthy MCT oil
  •  Total 1000mg CBN + 250mg CBD and other cannabinoids
  •  THC free
  •  Easy to dose
  •  250+ drops per bottle
  •  10ml CBN oil


CBD contains hemp seed oil and paste and has no psychoactive effect. It's perfectly legal and safe to use, and it won't get you stoned or high. CBD has no side effects and is not addictive..

Due to the European EFSA claim legislation, we are not allowed to indicate on this page what CBD oil is used for.


If you are taking medication or planning to use prescription drugs, please consult your doctor before using CBD oil..
The use of CBD  during pregnancy and lactation is not recommended.
Side effects are uncommon with the use of CBD oil, but they can occur. The most common side effects are:
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Change in appetite
  • Dry mouth